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Chakra Bowls

A Chakra is a spinning energy centre within our bodies. There are many chakras but the ones that we work with in our bodies are the 7 that I would like to introduce you to in this series. Some like to think of them as ponds within a stream of energy that runs through our bodies. Each pond has a purpose. Each Chakra governs different areas of the physical body. Energy imbalances within the chakra system can manifest in many symptoms, things that we don’t even really pay attention to like a headache or a rash. By noticing which chakra seems to be imbalanced and studying the chakra’s corresponding organs, glands and muscles we can work towards balance – mind, body and spirit. Chakra in Sanskrit =means wheel.

Root Chakra

Buddah Chakra

  • Root Chakra – Earth Chakra – Grounding - Muladahara
  • Colour – The grounding of RED
  • Flows well – connection, security, tribal, instinct, primal, major energy station, stabilises, unscrambles, deep sense of inner strength
  • Seed Mantra - LAM
  • Blocked by – fear. What are you most afraid of?
  • Issues caused – money troubles, anxiety, feeling scarcity and lack, fearful, anger
  • Physical – Adrenal glands, lower back, legs, lower sexual organs

Sacral Chakra

  • Sacral Chakra – Pleasure Chakra – Water - Svadisthana
  • Colour – playfulness of orange
  • Flows well – passion, enjoy life, give and receive, source of feelings, truest potential, caries our gifts, our wisdom, confidence and courage, primal fire for life, to experience life, share life create life and support life.
  • MANTRA – “I am free to enjoy my life” I AM Inspired’ ‘I am joyful”
  • Seed Mantra - VAM
  • Blocked by –Guilt What burdens you what do you blame yourself for? you must forgive yourself
  • Issues caused – over sensitive and emotional, OR lack of any feeling, reproductive issues, addictive behaviours, anxiety
  • Physical – uterus, ovaries, large and small intestine, spleen

Solar Plexus

  • Solar Plexus Chakra – Fire – Power - Manipura
  • Colour – brilliance of yellow
  • Flows well – identification with self, social status, belief in yourself, identification with ego, confidence, personal power, personal choices and actions in the world, self confidence
  • MANTRA – “I have a purpose” “ I am powerful”
  • Seed Mantra - RAM
  • Blocked by – shame, what are you ashamed of? What are your disappointments in yourself – you must accept and love all aspects of yourself.
  • Issued caused – lack of will power, overpowering or withdrawn, indecisiveness, frustration, control issues, low self esteem and criticism of others
  • Physical – kidneys, liver, adrenals, pancreas, spleen, stomach, gallbladder, lower rib cage

Heart Chakra

  • Heart Chakra – acceptance - Anahata
  • Colour – the healing of green
  • Flows well – love accept yourself, give and receive love, compassion, forgiveness, intimacy, inner healing,
  • MANTRA – “I am loved and I love” “I love and accept myself and others”
  • Seed Mantra - YAM
  • Blocked by – grief – we all suffer loss, but nothing or no one is ever really gone. We must trust
  • Issues caused – over think situations, use your head not your heart, unsettled, anger, shoulder troubles
  • Physical -immune system, heart, thymus gland, lungs, upper rib cage and vertebrae, shoulders, arms and breasts

Throat Chakra

  • Throat Chakra – sound chakra - Vishudda
  • Colour – the truth of Aqua
  • Flows well – creativity, communication, receives information from all the other chakras and processes it, expression listening deeply with compassion, trust your vision, able to clearly express yourself
  • MANTRA – “I speak my truth’ “I listen deeply’ “I am creative”
  • Seed Manta - HAM
  • Blocked by – lies that we tell ourselves, we cannot lie about who we are – our true nature, we must accept who we are
  • Issues caused – blocked inspiration, unable to speak openly, feelings, neck pain, mouth throat conditions
  • Physical – Thyroid gland, throat, tonsils, mouth and brain stem, ears, sinus

3rd Eye

  • 3RD eye – Light - Ajna
  • Colour – the mystery of blue
  • Flows well- insight, intuition, imagination, perception, clarity, inner magic, vision and inner guidance, understanding, reason
  • MANTRA – “I see clearly” “I trust in myself”
  • Seed Mantra - Om
  • Blocked by – illusions – illusions of separation – we are all connected, we are one and the same. Everything is connected
  • Issues caused – very high or very low moods, no balance or rhythm, sleep disturbances, dehydration
  • physical – eyes, ears, nose, pituitary gland, hypothalamus, skull, frontal lobe, emotional control centre, autonomic nervous system

Large Crown

Small Crown

  • Crown Chakra – Thought - Shaspara
  • Colour – the spirit of purple
  • Flows well – connection to source, cosmic connection, energy of knowing, spiritual truth, heightened energy and faith
  • MANTRA – “I am connected to source” “I am ”
  • Seed Mantra - silence
  • Blocked by – need for worldly/earthly attachments and possessions, submission, connection to your perfect self. Renunciation of earthly love in order to achieve the greater good.
  • Issues caused – feeling disconnected, self criticism, resentment, bitterness, feelings of insecurities, headaches
  • Physical – pineal gland, brain health

Full Moon Bowls

The sound quality of these handmade bowls is astounding. It is pure and universal. the sound and vibration floats through your aura and cleans your personal energy. The full moon bowls are hand made on a Full Moon evening, this enhances the subtle moon energy for healing vibrations. These bowls are chosen carefully to ensure the healing properties. They truly are each one of a kind masterpiece. I use these intuitively around the body during a balance / healing session.

Full Moon

Full Moon 4